We believe there is a better way of doing physician contract reviews.

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Compensation is obviously important. When physicians have lawyers review their medical contract, the attorney’s don’t know or understand the compensation structures. It is simply due to lack of resources. Contract Diagnostics invests heavily in nationally recognized data-sets (as well as our own internal, raw data from years of reviews) to tell us if the compensation, wRVU schedules, and signing bonuses are in line with regional averages. The data is much more involved should we need to go deeper into the structure. This is something most ‘law firms’ miss when looking at physician employment contracts – they just don’t have the data to support the level of detail a physician needs or demands when it comes to something as important as compensation. You can trust in our process.



Benefits often become lost during most ‘legal reviews’ of physician contracts. What about time with your family? What is the vacation/sick time breakdown? What happens to un-used vacation/sick time? Retirement funding and contribution? Profit sharing plans? Is the malpractice insurance sufficient and is it the correct type if you leave in 3 years? What is negotiable or below market averages? When working with Contract Diagnostics, you’ll know how your non-compensation benefits stack up to your peers and regional averages.