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A Review System Created By Physicians For Physicians

We help you review, understand, and negotiate the contract so you can feel confident in the decision.

Believe it or not, we even make it a fun learning experience.

#1 Choice For Physician Contract Review In All 50 States For Every Physician Specialty

We remove your stress and frustration from the contract review and negotiations process, so you get a great contract that you can be proud of.

Our unique contract review system was created by physicians for physicians and provides you with an easy, simple and fast path to a great contract that you can be proud of.

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We do a comprehensive review of your compensation plan in its entirety, so you know exactly what it means for your finances.  We will diagnose and discuss your compensation, all bonus schedules or plans, and any additional signing bonuses or stipends to ensure they are in line with regional, state, and even city specific averages. We give you specific talking points and questions to ask. Since we specialize in this, we are very creative with what you could ask for, and of course ‘how’ you could ask.


A full review of all your benefits will be conducted so you know if how they play a role in the entire picture of compensation and the deal. We will discuss what is and is not negotiable, what questions you need to ask (and ‘how’ to ask them), as well as compare to averages.  From time away to CME budgets and physician retirement plans you will know without a doubt how your benefit plan compares to your peers.


Our contract review specialists are responsible for reviewing all restrictive covenants in your contract together with our in-house attorneys. Our specialists will review all termination, malpractice, and restrictive covenants for comparison to markets norms in your area (*). We have experience in reviewing agreements in a specialties from all 50 states, and familiar with what the market bears in you particular area and specialty.


* Should you need a state-specific attorney we are able to refer you to in-state counsel that can help with your needs for items such as enforceability of certain terms and conditions, etc., in your state.


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Our review services have been designed to suit your individual needs and budget.

All prices are flat-fee and starts at $200. FlexPay* payment is available.





Full Physician Contract Review of all sections, comprehensive discussion, follow up email with taking points.





Turnaround time in as little as 3-5** days





Full Physician Contract Review of all sections, comprehensive discussion, PLUS proprietary Contract In English (CIE) to allow you to ‘read’ the need-to-know in the agreement in 1 minute AND compensation data customized to your position (utilizing MGMA as well as our proprietary internal data).  Unlimited access to us for a year on this agreement.  We never charge you more.

Turnaround time In as little as 2-4 days**
1 Year Unlimited Support
FlexPay* payment available





Everything in the ADVANCED package PLUS

We will work with the employer on your behalf to clarify all your needs and wants.


Turnaround time in as little as 1-2 Days
1 Year Unlimited Support Access
FlexPay* payment available

* FlexPay allows you to make interest-free payments over time.  You can pay for your package up to 10 months, interest free. No hooks.
** Times may vary depending on volume and season.

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How It Works

Average Turn-Around Time Of 3-5 Days (Rush Reviews Available)

After a simple on-line sign-up process that can be done from any phone or computer, you will have a dedicated time slot and we will get to work.

During your dedicated 1-hour phone consult, we identify your personal preferences and background story.  We do care, and feel it plays a big role in what and how you request items and/or clarifications. Your family and career goals are important to us!

We discuss your entire agreement, including the compensation and benefits offered and specify what we recommend you negotiate, change, discuss, or clarify.  We will break the agreement and expectations down into layman’s terms you understand. We will answer all your questions and speak your language. You will exit this call with a specific plan of action, all customized to your specific situation.

Depending on the package you select, you will have access to us throughout the entire process.  We will be here for additional calls, re-reviewing the agreement for changes, and answering all questions as you do your due diligence.  We want to be sure you understand all and are proud of the future agreement with your employer.

Why Choose Us?

We Know Your Situation As Physician And Your Contract Expectations.

We Are Not A Law Firm But A Consulting Company Who Specialize 100% in Physician Contract Review

Unline other firms who also do contract reviews, it is the ONLY thing we do. We DO NOT sell you disability insurance or financial products / investments.  We DO NOT have a recruiting division, nor do we sell our compensation data to employers or private equity firms (although they do ask!). We only look out for your employment contract – it’s our Sub-Specialty!

We Are Experienced In Every Physician Specialty In All 50 States

We have done Physician Contract Review since 2011, for every specialty, in ALL 50 States, from Nurse Practitioners and CRNA’s to the most highly sub-specialized physician. We are truly focused on you as the provider and understand ALL the variations in your particular market.


Flat-Fee Service & Flex-Pay Option

Since our start we have been offering our service based on a flat fee and the option for FlexPay by request from physicians negotiating their contracts. FlexPay allows you to make interest-free payments over time.  You can pay for your package up to 10 months, interest free. No hooks.

We Coach You Through The Negotiation

We provide you with ongoing support and personalized coaching on how to best negotiate your contract, in a style that fits your personality. Part-time Pediatrician in your first agreement?  20-year Cardiothoracic Surgeon on to your 4th program creation? We know your situation and how to customize our process to YOU. We truly have your back.

We ONLY Want To Help With Your Contract Review

While many companies out there do contract reviews, they also want to sell disability and life insurance, investments, or even physician recruiting services.  Contract reviews may be the “entry way” into their system to sell you more products. It’s like a Trojan Horse. We don’t shy away from our focus – 100% physician contract reviews.


We have a simple and secure online sign up that can be done via mobile or anywhere you are. We have reviewed times open on most days from 6:30am – 8:00pm; we even work weekends for you.

We understand you and your needs during this important process.


Founder, Contract Diagnostics
Jon Appino


Jon Appino completed his MBA in 2004 and launched his first healthcare company in 2006. Contract Diagnostics was formed in 2011 and it’s been his passion ever since. He is dedicated to the education of Physicians in the non-clinical (business) part of medicine. As the White Coat Investor says, he wants you to have a ‘fair shake’ when it comes to all things contracts. Jon resides in the quiet suburbs of Kansas City with his wife and two young children. Travel and fitness are passions outside work and family. Ask him about travel and share your stories!

We started this company to help people, not to make money.  We figured if we helped enough people, we would make some money.  We’ve not strayed from this since.

We run a boutique service here where everyone feels they are the only client.  We make it simple for you to sign up, we understand your ever-changing schedules, and are here for you in virtually any capacity through this important process.

We have created a better way of doing Physician Contract Reviews.


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